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Get the power of an all-cash offer to help you win your dream home

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Win in a competitive market

Cash offers have no financing or appraisal contingencies and are 3x more likely to win.

Make an offer sellers love

Accurate Mortgage Cash Buyer offers

are guaranteed to close on time. No more worrying about low appraisals or financing delays.

Secure your dream home faster

Stronger offers mean less time spent looking for a home and more time living in one.

Increase your offer’s chances to win by 3x

It’s a seller’s market which makes it hard for your offer to stand out from the pack. Increase the chances of winning your dream home with an Accurate Mortgage Cash Buyer Offer.

Cash solutions for every situation


Accurate Boost


Accurate Mortgage backs your offer with cash and appraisal protection to make it stronger. If you secure your financing on time, great! If not, Ribbon will reserve the home and sell it back to you for the same price.


Multiple offer situations

Use the Accurate Mortgage Cash Buyer Program to remove financial contingencies and win your dream home.


First time home buyers

Use Accurate Mortgage Cash Buyer Program to upgrade your offer to cash, increasing the chances to win your dream home by 3x.

Accurate Reserve

*2.0 – 2.4% + rent

Accurate Mortgage will reserve the home and sell it back to you for the same price. You can move in right away and get the time and flexibility you need to secure financing.


Closing fast

Accurate Mortgage can close within 14 business days. Reserve the home with Accurate Mortgage, move in immediately, and get up to 6 months to secure financing.


Strengthening financing terms

Upgrade FHA/VA/USDA and conventional financing terms to cash.

* If Accurate Mortgage reserves the home, the Accurate Mortgage Reserve pricing applies. If the home is already under contract, the Accurate Mortgage Rescue pricing applies. Pricing varies by state. Call for details.

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Accurate BoostAccurate ReserveTraditional Sale
Guaranteed to close after inspection
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No financing or home sale contingencies
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No appraisal contingency
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Close in as few as 14 business days
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Move in now, get up to 180 days to finance
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Use with any home*
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*Not available in all locations. Subject to terms and conditions, as well as eligibility requirement

What everyone is saying…

Agents, buyers, and sellers alike all agree: Accurate Mortgage Cash Buyer Program  makes real estate simple and easy

It was a great situation, when a customer was not able to buy their dream home before selling their current home. They wanted a ground floor situation to retire to and they had to sell their current home to finance the purchase. They moved into their new home and in 8 weeks they sold their home and were able to get a mortgage for the new home for their retirement years.
Georgie Dennis

My family’s experience with Accurate Mortgage was great! We worked with Heino and LaBrina, and both were so helpful throughout the process.

Our seller told us that the compelling cash offer we made via Accurate Mortgage was the reason she accepted, and it allowed us to buy and sell without having to move into rental housing in between.

Gerald Graves


Making homeownership achievable.

Buying a dream home should be just as exciting as living in it.
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